Frank Ocean: How to Write two Masterpieces — Volume 6

In music, artists are lucky if they can create one classic album.

Frank Ocean created two.

Channel Orange and Blonde are recognized as two of the most important albums of the last decade; monuments to Frank Ocean’s immense talent.

The question is: which is better?

The albums are inherently different. Channel Orange was written and delivered in three weeks. Blonde was sealed away, then revealed after four years.

Channel Orange was the process of toil and tribulation for an ill fit record label, Def Jam. Blonde was a toast to independent artistry, showcased by Apple Music.

Channel Orange is complex story telling, characters and genre bending, à la Sierra Leone and Bad Religion.

Blonde is profound reflection, acquired wisdom and solitude, with masterpieces in White Ferrari, Siegfried and Skyline To.

What does music’s favorite reclusive, grammy award shunning artist have in store for his 3rd project?

What is your favorite song from either album?

Which one wins for you?

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